2023 NY Universities Student Apartment Rental


Welcome to New York and hopefully you have already admitted to NYU or other great universities here. We understand it is not easy to find an apartment in a New York City neighborhood that is safe, comfortable, convenient  and affordable. We are here to provide everyone general information on available apartments and simple process to get accepted for one. We help International students coming here to study and start a bright future

 Who We Are 

Our community is joined by NYU and  other university students, alumni and landlords helping each other in this great community. We are trusted and filter out spams and scams on this website. These are the topics we provide:



Important Note!! 

This website is for New Yorkers and university students to share and exchange apartment info, student life and New York lifestyles to help anyone looking for information. There might be minimum fees collected to maintain the site running. This website is not affiliated with NYU nor any of the New York universities nor any people in the pictures. This site is not affiliated with any government or real-estate institutes.