2024 - Brooklyn Bensonhurst Apt

Bensonhurst 17th Ave Rental Apartment

Key Features -

  • 1. Safety: Bensonhurst is a very good area. 45 minutes to NYU Tandon/Stern,
  • 2. Private space - Large and well-lit bedrooms - Each room 112sqft - 180sqft,
  • 3. Comfortable. Clean, safe, comfortable, quiet study environment inside the house
  • 4. Cost. Includes utilities such as water, electricity, heating, wifi
  • 5. Furnishings. Bedrooms include major furniture
  • 6. Lifestyle. Vibrant 86Street & Bay Pkwy neighborhood with a Chinese community, 2-5 minutes walk to restaurants, gyms, shopping, subway, Bay Parkway Park

Conditions: Must be a student at NYU or another university. Renting the entire apartment. If the US credit score is below 650, an additional month's deposit is required.

No agents, simple application process, book in June, move in on July 1
Please specify that you want to rent a room in Bensonhurst 17th Ave
Text message, phone: 516-699-2282
WeChat ID: eric400k
Detailed information https://www.nyustudentrent.com/international-students/ben17A2